Resin Driveways in Dorset and the South West

We are a leading installer of resin driveways based in South West England. Our friendly team of experienced driveway and paving contractors cover Bournemouth, Dorchester and Taunton, as well as the rest of Dorset and Somerset.

resin driveways dorset

Your driveway is the first thing people see when they visit your home, and first impressions are everything. A drab, unexciting drive can let down an otherwise beautiful house. Investing in a new one can radically transform the look of your entire property, framing it in a positive light and bringing out its best features. Homeowners often don’t appreciate the difference that this can make until they see the results for themselves. The improvement is reflected in an increase in the property’s value – you’re likely to recoup a large chunk of the cost if you ever decide to sell.

Every job that we do is completely bespoke, tailored to the particulars of your property as well as to your personal taste. Our free consultations are an opportunity to have a chat with one of our surveyors about your exact vision for your home, and how we can make it a reality. We have carried out over 1,000 jobs across Dorset and Somerset to date, and no two have been the same. With a choice of over 20 colours, and expert installers trained to fit water features, sloping drives and more, your options really are limited only by your imagination.

The resin bound gravel that we use is fully permeable and has unique anti-slip properties, making our driveways as functional as they are beautiful. Traditional paving installation is prone to cracking and to becoming slippery in cold and wet weather – issues that are particular concerns for the elderly, and those with limited mobility. Our innovative bound gravel provides an elegant solution to both of these problems. Its permeable aggregate structure prevents water build-up and resists frost, while making it exceptionally durable. A resin driveway is an investment that you never have to revisit – once it’s there, it’s likely to outlast you.

While we are primarily a driveway company, our installers also have a combined total of more than 50 years’ experience in landscape design. This is always hugely valuable when it comes to putting together your plans for your own property. Our beautiful resin bound paving alone will do wonders for the appearance of your property, but being able to combine this with tailored landscape design allows for a synergy that will turn your home into something truly special.

This kind of luxury is no longer reserved for those with unlimited means. Like all technology, the production of bonded gravel has become cheaper and more streamlined over time, and the savings are being passed onto you in the form of lower prices. For every doctor, lawyer and business executive we carry out an installation for, there’s a mechanic, a cook and a hairdresser.

Call us on 01202 464 440 today for a no-cost, no-obligation quote. Your assessment will be carried out by one of our friendly surveyors, and will cost you nothing more than a cup of tea.

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